Night in luxury room

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Your girl is really beautiful and clever girl and you love her so much that you would like to give her one unforgettable question? It is perfect, because you want do special step that can change all your life. And if you need really original proposal, Weare here for you. We can prepare magic Prague proposal for you; everything will be along your wish and you can tell us about your dream or about dream of your girlfriend. What is important for you and for her? Which colour are your favourite and which food is the best for this occasion. We can arrange menu from restaurant that won the award best restaurant in the republic in special publication Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant 2012 and 2015 – so you can be sure that it is really the best and your taste bud will dance!

New ways

Everyone should try something new in life, try new services, new things and now you have great occasion. We can take care about your proposal, because we know that it is almost the most important day in your life. We can prepare luxury place, luxury experience that you will never forget


March 17, 2019